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3 Important Reasons to Choose Vegan Perfume in 2021

by admin on Jun 03, 2021

3 Important Reasons to Choose Vegan Perfume in 2021

When people hear the word vegan, they often think about people only healthy and nutritious plant-based foods. Eating these types of meals is the foundation of veganism. However, veganism has gone above and beyond food and considers nearly every product we use.

Most vegans do it to save animals and make the world a better place, believing in a world where animals should not be harmed. They make sure that the meals they eat do not have animals in them. 

However, most perfumes contain some sort of animal-derived ingredient. Even though they weren't obtained through cruel means, the fact it has animals automatically voids the perfume of its vegan, animal-free status. As a vegan, how can you make the right choice for the animals, the planet, and their health? Where can you find a perfume that is animal-free? 

Such products are not readily available in department stores. As such, finding brands that align with your principles is not easy.  If you are planning to buy a fragrance for yourself, it's time to understand that traditional alcohol-based perfumes or even clean perfumes might not be vegan. 

Clean Ingredients

Perfumes were created for people to smell good. Most wear them to boost their confidence and to give a good impression. That's why aromatherapy perfume is all about function. 

No wonder the perfume industry calls it “Functional Fragrance.” Aroma perfume is created using a mixture of essential oils, a carrier oil, and clean chemistry. The perfume is designed to easily absorb through the skin and provide many benefits. 

The perfumes are also generally breathable, and therapeutic essential oils are combined to create a fantastic smell that can elevate mood. However, you might feel more confident if you use safe ingredients. 

Organic vegan perfumes use clean ingredients. Here are a few examples of vegan perfumes: Candied Sugar, Coco Beach, Dulce, Lavish, Lotus, Rose Quartz, and Champagne

Try to avoid alcohol-based perfumes. Alcohol and even sugar cane are not allowed to be shipped by the postal service as they are flammable. They can also dry the skin, and the alcohol isn't breathable. 

No Animals Harmed

Good vegan perfumes do not contain beeswax or honey. They also don’t contain the perfumer’s traditional animal-based ingredients, are such as Civet, Musk, Ambergris, Kasturi, and Castoreum. 

It's good that these ingredients have been replaced by synthetic versions—at least, in vegan perfumes. To indeed find the right perfume, you need to look for a brand that shares the entire ingredient list instead of hiding behind labeling that only describes the ingredients as “fragrance.” 

Vegan aroma perfumes can also lift your mood and allow you to be the best version of yourself. By choosing cruelty-free, vegan essential oil perfume, you stand up for all living beings, even yourself. You are not only saving animals but helping the Earth. 


Choosing vegan-based perfume does not only save the Earth, but it allows you to make a small effort towards helping animals. It is a simple act of compassion for yourself and other living beings. It is an act of self-care that can bring out your best features at the cost of nothing else. 

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