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Skincare Essentials You Must Have During Summer Time

by admin on Aug 06, 2021

Skincare Essentials You Must Have During Summer Time

Skincare is significantly important to any skin color. Whether you have black, fair, or tan skin, you need to have a skincare regimen that can make your skin look smooth, young, bright, and plump. It is undoubtedly necessary, especially during summer, because the blazing sun and the scorching heat can be unforgiving to your skin. So, it’s time to layer up your skin’s protection with the help of some skincare products. 

To help you prevent the risk of losing your skin’s natural radiance, here are some skincare essentials you must have to ensure your smooth and glowing complexion survives the summer heat. I

If you are a black woman or simply have a dark complexion, these summer skincare essentials are perfect for you! 

1. Hydrate Your Skin Using Face Masks

Your body is not the only one that needs extreme hydration during summer; your skin needs it too!
Contrary to popular belief, the sun is not the only culprit behind dry skin during summer. Even your activities, like swimming, can cause your skin to lose moisture. The chlorine in pools can dry out your skin, but we know resisting the urge to take a dip can be hard. To hydrate your skin without skipping the pool, make sure to use face masks at least twice a week.

Whether you are swimming or just lazing around while the sun is shining, you can enjoy the benefits of clay masks. They have purifying and rejuvenating properties that are known to unclog pores.

2. Do Not Skip Your Sunscreen Protection

No matter your reason for not wanting to apply sunscreen, do your skin a favor: do not skip it. You’ve already heard of the horrors of increased risk of premature skin aging and getting skin cancer. The thing is, the simple act of sunscreen can lessen that risk. Applying sunscreen is non-negotiable. 

Sunscreen is equally vital across all skin colors. Even if you have more melanin than other skin tones, you still need to apply sunscreen because melanin is not enough to eliminate the risk of having skin cancer. A sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is sufficient to protect your skin and aid in decreasing the risk of sunburn. If you are exposed to direct sunlight, apply sunscreen to your face every two hours. 

3. Always Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturizers can be sticky, especially during summer. However, skipping moisturizer is understandable, but it is not acceptable! 

If you think moisturizers can make you oilier, think again. Moisturizers actually lessen the activity of your oil glands. Don’t worry; there’s a gel-based or water-based moisturizer available that does not provide a sticky feeling, unlike a cream-based moisturizer. 

4. Don’t Forget to Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation is a must during summer because pollution and other environmental contaminants are active during warmer months. Exfoliation essentially sloughs off dead and dry skin, giving your skin a fresh start because of the exposure of the new layer underneath. If you’ve yet to introduce an exfoliation product to your skincare routine, now’s the time to check out some facial scrubs and exfoliants

5. Use Face Mists

Face mists are like your skin’s daily dose of water. It can refresh your skin, and they are handy to keep your skin cool and hydrated throughout the day. Whenever you feel like your skin is getting dry, a spritz or two can make you feel that your skin is instantly moisturized and revitalized. 


Remember that summer is the time when your skin needs extra protection and hydration, so you need to amp up your skincare using effective products. By investing in some good essential skincare products like those mentioned above, your skin will be at its best state of being smooth, clear, and glowing, even during the summer’s heat. 

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