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6 Ways To Get Your Glow On

by admin on Aug 18, 2018

6 Ways To Get Your Glow On
Oxygen...Oxygen....Oxygen! I know we need it But, your skin needs it too! Lack luster skin, dark circles, dullness and discoloration are all signs of lack of oxygen in your skin.
We gotta get that blood circulating to feed your skin cells with much needed nutrients and oxygen and expel nasty toxins.
How in the world do we do that? Glad you asked....
Here are six ways for you to choose from to get that skin oxygenated.


Okay, imagine it's time for your weekly exfoliation and you grab your Tumeric Honey + Cranberry Scrub. Now, as you massage your face ever so gently, not only are you cleaning out those pores and you're bringing about fresh blood flow to the small blood vessels just below your skin's surface. What's happening is the oxygen is helping to nourish your skin and rid it of those harmful free radicals that cause damage.


Okay... we all know what a high fiber diet does... No need to get into the "TMI" zone, lol.  Aside from the whole cleaning out the system thing... eating a whole food plant based diet helps to keep artieries nice and clear from blood flow. It also promotes circulation and support the health of the veins and arteries and fights inflammation.


I tell you what... a nice diffuser, a few drops of essential oils, glass of wine and silence can do the mind, body and spirit good. Why not relax and stimulate that blood floor simultaneously. There are a host of essential oils that are known to promote circulation:
  • Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus essential oil works to promote better circulation by relaxing the blood vessels. This helps more blood circulate through them, improving circulation in the process.
  • Cypress – Cypress essential oil can help to flush out toxins from the body. It can help the veins contract, making it easier to stimulate blood flow.
  • Ginger – Ginger essential oil can help to warm the skin and vessels, promoting circulation as it does so. It also contains antioxidants that can help flush out toxins and reduce inflammation of the blood vessels, improving blood flow throughout the body.

EXERCISE secret here. Get your body moving and by default, you get that blood pumping. While you're releasing all those toxins and waste in your sweat, all that huffing and pumping is getting that heart going. Your blood is sending that rich oxygen through your body delivering much needed nutrients to your organs, including the largest one.... YOUR SKIN.
This one needs a STAR.... it's one of the main ways to promote circulation to help get you that glowing complexion.


Who needs an excuse to get a massage? I know I sure don't! Not only are you relaxing and escaping your hectic life even if just for an hour, massages are a great way to increase circulation to our bodies. Massages are said to to stimulate the liver to process waste and rid them from our bodies, which is important in achieving a glowing complexion.


Supple, plump, dewey skin is definitely in! One way to achieve this is to stay hydrated. When we're blood volume is drastically improved which allows for for blood circulation and waste elimination.
Now, of course, the more your incorporate the better that glow will be. I know you can pick one or two to focus on starting today. If you want that amazing glow these are simple options that work wonders. So come on girl... Get Yo Glow On!