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Black Skincare 101: 4 Beauty Tips for a Healthy Skin

by Marla Miller on Jul 09, 2021

Black Skincare 101: 4 Beauty Tips for a Healthy Skin

Since not all skin types are the same, beauty enthusiasts tend to try a wide range of items until they find some that best suit their skin. This is because beauty products work differently for various skin tones. For this reason, people with a darker skin tone would need different products than those with a lighter one.

A trial-and-error process of searching for the right black skincare products may help you find what works best for you, but it is time-consuming and expensive. So before riding on the latest skincare trends you found on the internet, here are some black skincare tips you should consider following:

1. Use a Gentle Cleanser and Moisturizer

Black skin is believed to lose moisture faster than lighter skin. This makes it more prone to looking dull or ashy. For this reason, cleansing and moisturizing are even more crucial because they are the basic foundation for healthy skin. 

Unless you want your skin to be as dry as the Sahara desert, choose the right gentle cleanser and moisturizer. Make sure to use them after every shower since it’s the right timing when your skin is at its driest. In addition, opt for skincare products with retinol to lock in moisture in your skin while keeping it glowy and soft.

2. Never Skip Sunscreen

Most people believe that wearing sunscreen is only necessary when they are going to the beach or heading out during the day. Some people with dark skin tones, on the other hand, also think that they don’t have to wear sunscreen. The truth is that regardless of the weather and your skin tone, your skin can still get damaged by the harsh UV rays. This can lead to getting sunburned or developing wrinkly skin. To keep your skin youthful and delay the signs of aging, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or more.

3. Apply Oils and Serums

Some skincare products have more harmful effects to your skin, depending on their formulation. These are the products you should keep out of your shopping cart that contain chemical ingredients that can be too harsh on the skin. To get the best results, go for oils with natural ingredients. For instance, a product with camellia seed oil can rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin at the cellular level. Additionally, serums must also be applied after cleansing. They come in different types and have unique purposes, so be sure to buy one that suits your skin concerns.

4. Wash Your Face before Going to Bed

Washing the face after a long day feels like a chore, but many choose to skip this step due to exhaustion and hit the sack right away after heading home. This can clog the pores and cause skin problems.

Remember that your skin collects dust and oil and gets exposed to various kinds of pollutants throughout the day. Imagine how dirty your face would be if you are just about to head to bed. This is why no matter how tired you are, wash your face before going to sleep.


Taking care of your skin means acknowledging that not all skincare products are the same. It also means you should know your skin type and how it reacts to different skincare routines. Understanding your skin’s uniqueness  will guide you in determining which products are effective in addressing various skin issues. Now that you know the basics of skincare for black women, it’s time to hunt for the best black-owned skincare products.

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