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Lord Help My Pores Please!!

by admin on Aug 18, 2018

Lord Help My Pores Please!!
I know those doggone pores can be the bain of your existence especially when they become congested with gunk that not only causes breakouts but stretches them and they appear to be even larger. Did you know sometimes, once they're stretched, they don't retract. NOPE!! pores don't become large or small. BUT, you can reduce the appearance of pores by cleaning them jokers out regularly.
There are several methods to clean out those little buggers:

  1. Mechanical Exfoliation: external tool like a brush, sponge or cleansing grain/powder
  2. Chemical Exfoliation: achieved via an acid or enzyme peel or mask

Today I wanted to chat a little about chemical and enzyme peels. Now don't get nervous because you see the word "chemical". Technically everything has a chemical make up... atoms, ions and molecules are always interacting but I digress, lol.
I may not know everything but this I know for sure... PEOPLE DO NOT TRY A CHEMICAL PEEL AT HOME
Did you get that?? GOOD!
They are amazing and should be done by a professional like an esthetician. Why? Because they  involve the use of acids like salicylic, glycolic and lactic.
These peels range from superficial, medium and deep which basically dictate the skin layer penetration.
Keep in mind, chemical peels definitely remove dead skin cells but can also remove living cells as well.  While effective, they're associated with heightened sun sensitivity and may not be appropriate for all skin types.
If your patience is a bit thin, chemical peels might not be your cup of tea especially if you opt for a medium or deep peel. You'll likely need a week or so for some recoup time from a little bit of discomfort, redness, scabbing and peeling.
You might be more of an enzyme peel kinda girl especially since they're more gentle. Fruit acids used in masks are perfect for penetrating the skin well to cleanse those pesky pores. Enzymes are known for diminishes scars and blemishes and evening out skin tone too. What's amazing about enzyme peels is that they only exfoliate dead skin cells. Hence, no down time plus they're great for nearly all skin types.
Girls, like me, who love enzyme peels (and have little patience, lol) love the more immediate, visible results. I enjoy my weekly blueberry cranberry mask for just that reason.
Now ladies, you don't have to choose between one or the other. Some use enzyme peels at home between their professional chemical peels.
The important thing to know is that you have options. Your pores don't have to rule your world. Tame them by regular exfoliating. Trust me, your skin will truly love you.
I'd love to know which you prefer, leave a comment and share your experience. Shout out your favorite esthetician. You might help someone find a safe place to get a great treatment.
Until Next Time...
Marla Rene
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