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My Go to 5 minute Lazy Girl Night Skincare Routine

by Marla Miller on Jul 08, 2018

My Go to 5 minute Lazy Girl Night Skincare Routine
Hey sugahs hey sugahs hey! Ok.. so I know I'm not the only one who just can't muster enough energy to cook dinner for the fam let alone complete a full nightly skincare routine. Girl I have brushed my teeth, hopped in the bed and called it a day many a night telling myself, it's not the end of the world. But let's be honest? Habits we keep now and how we tend to our skin is going to dictate how your skin will look 10 years from now (and of course genes).

So I was hell bent on trying to find the most minimal and let's keep it real,  lazy girl nightly routine that I could complete in like 10 minutes or less and from my bed! Now listen, this isn't meant to do every night but will totally be ok and get the job done on those nights where we just don't have it to give.

Both cleansers in this lazy girl routine work harmoniously together and makes the routine work so well from the bed.

3 Step Skincare routine

(If you beat your face to the gawds your first step is going to be the pre-cleanse if not just go to step two)

1. Pre-cleanse with  Kalahari Melon Pre-cleanse Make up Remover

 Kalahari Melon Precleanse tackles even waterproof makeup with ease. This non-stripping cleansing oil is formulated with fruit enzymes that will help soften and exfoliate without drying out your skin. Using organic cotton pads, gently wipe across the face removing your makeup. Easy does it, a little goes a long way.  And I know what you're thinking,  yes oily skin types can use this pre-cleanse.

2.  Cleanse with Cucumber Aloe Micellar Water

 This Micellar Water is full of hydrating antioxidants that will surely leave your skin refreshed. And check this out,  you don't have to rinse this cleanser off! It's the epitome of a gentle cleanser if I must say so myself.  Again, using your cotton pads gently wipe your face removing any excess oil remaining from the Kalahari Melon Pre-cleanse. Pat off excess water but be sure to leave your face just slightly damp.

3. Moisturize with Age Smart

Girl you're in the home stretch and I'm guessing you're only about 4 minutes into the routine.  Last step is to seal in the moisture.  While your face is just slightly damp apply your Age Smart Moisturizer and bam! Routine complete all from the comfort of your bed. *insert ole school dance*

Ok ok ok.. all jokes aside this routine should take you no more than 10 mins in the beginning and once you get the hang of it, completed in like 5 tops! Like who couldn't handle this routine on those nights when all you are dreaming about is your pillow?

Hope you'll try it.

Hugs and air kisses,