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Shorten Your Beauty Routine With These 4 Simple Steps

by admin on Jul 28, 2018

Shorten Your Beauty Routine With These 4 Simple Steps

Life is crazy hectic from the time those toes hit the floor til the time that head hits the pillow at night. It's go...go...go! Having a skincare routine that's a trillion steps is a no bueno. I hear it all the time..."ain't nobody got time for all that!"

Well, let me help make your life a little easier with some of my steps to shorten your skincare routine. The bottom line is no matter how crazy life gets, we never want to neglect our skin. Remember, it's a lot simpler to maintain our skin then trying to correct a skin concern due to lack of care.

Let's get organized

First things first! Set yourself up for success. For all of my skincare fanatics with a mountain of product, the best thing to do is pull out your "true" routine and keep it in a separate area that's quick and easily accessible.  This is going to keep you from fishing around looking for the product you need to use that day, thus saving you time.
Once a month go through your stash and make sure you don't have any empty or almost empty products lingering around taking up space. Best practice is to make note of the expiration dates and which products that you'll need to replenish soon. There's nothing worse than running out of your fav must haves.. trust me.

Don’t Wait Between Steps

Did you know it's best not to wait between steps during your routine. Not only does it enhance your skin so you get optimal results faster, it saves a ton of time.
Just try it... Here's what I do:
1. I cleanse with my Raw Honey Cleanser (remember, happy bday song from my other post)
2. While my face is still damp I spray on my Kakadu Plum Toner - which preps my face for the work horse that's up next
3. Next, with my face still damp from my toner I grab my C + E Serum and apply.
4. Lastly, out comes my heart, my baby, my ride or die... Lumi oil 
From start to finish, this routine takes no more than 5 minutes to complete! And if you are using multi-tasking products, girl even shorter!
Please remember to use your SPF during your morning routine! My favorite is Black Girl Sunscreen.

Stash your Bedside

You might remember this one from my Lazy Girl Routine. I love keeping products on my nightstand.  If you don't have a lot of space, you can get those travel size containers and pour some of your product in there. I actually put some of my Micellar water in a 2 oz flip top bottle and keep it in my nightstand drawer with some cotton pads for those nights I just don't have it to give and don't want to go to bed with my makeup on.

Find Yourself Some Good Multi-taskers

I LIVE for a great multi-tasking product  I tell you what, if I can find one product that can tackle multiple steps I'm in love. Here are a few you should try:
  • If you need a makeup remover, cleanser and makeup brush cleanser (girl and this product has soo many other uses) , you MUST try our Micellar water.
  • or aside from being a great make up remover, our Kalahari Melon Pre Cleanse is perfect to dissolve and pull dirt out your pores right before your cleansing step.
  • How about a quick mask before you exfoliate. The Honey Scrub with Turmeric + Cranberry will do wonders.
So girl, your routine doesn't have a take a month of Sundays to complete. 5 minutes is really all you need. Give it a try and come back and let me know how it goes. I promise I won't say, "I told you so." ;-)