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Skincare for Black and Brown Beauties: What to Know

by admin on Jun 17, 2021

Skincare for Black and Brown Beauties: What to Know

People with darker skin tones are known to deal with the most challenging forms of skin issues. This includes skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and so on. All these are likely due to the various misconceptions surrounding people of color, which can be rooted back in passive racism. The beauty industry is flourishing, but still largely practices the exclusion of darker complexions, particularly when it comes to skincare. 

The lack of diversity in the industry continues to make women of color suffer, especially since misconceptions dictate a harmful concept: darker skin needs more aggressive products. This is far from the truth. Products too harsh for your skin can only make things worse, especially since melanin-producing cells are more sensitive to inflammation and industry. 

The revolution towards inclusive beauty has been well underway, however, especially thanks to Black-owned companies like Marla Rene Beauty & Co. To help you fully understand your skin better, we’ve created this quick guide for you. Here, we discuss all the things that can help you achieve better and glowing skin:

Tip #1: Never forget to apply sunscreen

Skin cancer has always been linked to lighter skin colors, but more cases of skin cancer in darker complexions are at all-time home. Everyone needs sunscreen, and no amount of melanin can dictate otherwise. Although black and brown women indeed have a natural sun protectant imbued in pigments, it’s best to support this by applying sunscreen. 

Doing so allows you to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which causes your skin to age faster. Blotchy discoloration can also occur, which can worsen your already difficult skin problems. For these reasons, make sure to never skip out on sunscreen.

Tip #2: Opt for mild chemical peels and microdermabrasion procedures 

Many black and brown women are advised to do away with complicated procedures. Any dark spots and other damaged areas get further injured because of chemical peels and microdermabrasion, but this only happens because of the common misconception stated previously: darker skins require harsher products. 

There’s no need to walk around with hyperpigmentation and other discoloration, however. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion procedures can definitely work on darker complexions, but make sure to only have yours done by professionals who understand your skin. You need to trust your skin to the right hands, as these are people who understand you deserve to be heard and included in the pursuit of beauty. 

Tip #3: Trust in skin care products made for your skin

It can be rather difficult to find products that work best for your skin. You’re compelled to constantly look for products that give you results, not further redness, irritation, and other unpleasant experiences. It’s important to direct your focus to voices similar to your own, especially those who understand your skin properly.

The subtle presence of racism continues to plague the beauty industry, but it’s beginning to change thanks to the voices of brands like Marla Rene Beauty & Co. we make our products with ethics and consciousness in mind, ensuring that each bottle remains cruelty-free. We also take mindful beauty rituals to hear, ensuring that your dark skin remains beautiful and uncompromised.  

The Bottom Line

Revolutionizing an entire industry may seem impossible to do, but women of color deserve just as much opportunity to love their skins better. This means constant educating and learning, but also the chance to know about better products and procedures. Hyperpigmentation, skin cancer, irritation, and other skin conditions shouldn’t be a norm for black and brown beauties—it’s time to be heard. 

For natural black skincare products, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of cruelty-free items does more than just help your skin feel and look better. We help you retake the meaning of real beauty: diverse and inclusive. Order your new favorites today.