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The Connection between pH Level and Your Skin Condition

by admin on May 07, 2021

The Connection between pH Level and Your Skin Condition

The pH level is a common term thrown around when talking about the skin because of how it contributes to the skin’s most significant role. The skin acts as a protective barrier between the body and all elements outside of it. The pH level of the skin serves as a critical defensive factor in that role. 

Aside from that, pH level also plays an essential role in ensuring your skin is in good condition. Experts say that if you want to have healthy skin, it needs to have a healthy pH balance. Here is what you should know about the pH scale.

Understanding Skin’s pH Scale

The pH scale has 14 different levels. At the middle is seven, which is considered neutral. Any number lower than that means your skin is acidic, while anything above the number means your skin is alkaline. 

  • Level 0 to 3 - Strongly acidic
  • Level 4 to 6 - Weakly acidic (the ideal skin)
  • Level 7 - Neutral
  • Level 8 to 10 - Weakly alkaline
  • Level 11 to 14 - Strongly alkaline

Unlike what you might think, people with more acidic skin are considered healthier than those with low acidity levels. A skin with a higher acidity level means a better fighting chance against free radicals and other harmful microbes. 

The Different pH Level in the Body

Not all parts of the body have the same pH level. Some features are more acidic than others. Typically, those exposed to other elements, such as the face, hands, or chest have an alkaline status. Meanwhile, skin that is less exposed to other elements manages to retain its natural acidity. These are the areas like the armpits and the pubic region. 

Other Reasons for Changing Skin pH Level

Here are other factors that influence the skin’s varying pH level:

  • Kind of water you have at home
  • How frequently you wash your skin
  • Cosmetic products you use
  • Changing season and humidity level
  • Sun exposure
  • Skin moisture level
  • Antibacterial products
  • Detergents
  • Sweat
  • Air pollution 
  • Having acne

How to Know One’s pH Level

Use At-Home pH Test Strips

You can purchase at-home test kits that could determine your skin’s pH level. They come as strips of paper you can apply to your skin as instructed. Expect the paper strip to change in color once you touch them. You may refer to the color chart or pH meter to know the level on your skin.

Visit your dermatologist

Dermatologists have the right tools and equipment to determine your skin’s pH level. More importantly, they can tell you how you can improve your skin’s pH level, including recommended products to use.

Personal Observation

You know your skin is at a normal or good acidity level if it is balanced, soft, and well-moisturized. On the contrary, skin with acne, redness, or dry spots means that it does not have enough acid to fight off the microbes and free radicals. 

How to Have Balanced Skin

  • Make sure to wash your skin using a gentle cleanser. A cleanser that is too harsh on the skin would disrupt your skin’s acid mantle. As a result, bacteria would start to breed on your skin and make it worse.
  • When washing your face, allow the cleanser to remove all impurities for a few more seconds before rinsing. Do not just splash and then clean up.
  • Use the right toner or astringent to normalize your face’s pH level after cleansing.
  • Make sure to apply a moisturizer after.
  • Exfoliate skin once a week. 


Good skin does not only rely on the products you use. Knowing how your skin’s pH level reacts to what you put on your face and other environmental factors can help you determine the best way to take care of it. You can always consult with your dermatologist to understand your skin better, but hopefully, this article gave you an idea of how it works.

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