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Why did I buy that serum again? Benefits of using a facial serum

by admin on Jul 31, 2017

Why did I buy that serum again? Benefits of using a facial serum
I know I can't  be the only one that has purchased something in the past and not use it right away. I put it somewhere and completely forget about it, until I happen to come across it again. Just to ask myself that infamous question, " Why did I buy this again?"  So let me just start saying, yes it totally ok if you are using a 3 step skincare regimen, but that is like ordering a steak dinner but not having the steak sauce or buying that perfect outfit but don't have the right pair of shoes or purse that will set it off. Get my point? You are missing the caveat of skincare when it comes to serums.
But I use a facial oil and a moisturizer, so what's the big deal with a serum?
Glad you ask! There are two major reason why we need this in our stash. One is because serums are able to penetrate the pores deeper than a moisturizer, allowing it to deliver their active ingredients.  And two, serums contain a hell of a lot more active ingredients than a moisturizer, almost 10 times more! Yep, this means that serums can work serious magic, targeting your top skin care concerns and leave your skin ageless and glowing.
However, this doesn’t mean you should ditch your facial oils and  moisturizer. These help to lock your serum into the skin, and serums, facial oils and moisturizers work in perfect harmony for especially  for my divas that have dry skin types.
Keep reading to find out exactly how a facial serum can help to improve your skin, as well as handy tips on how to apply it.

Serums boosts hydration and delivers active ingredients that help keep the youthful

When your skin is suffering for dehydration  your skin is lacking water not oil. A serum job is to assist in alleviating this condition by boosting hydration deep into your pores with its active ingredients.  This is essential because as we get older we don't produce enough collagen and elastin. These two proteins are responsible for our youthful complexion. As we age, these two proteins naturally decrease causing the fine lines, sagging and wrinkles. Therefore we need a serum in our skincare regimen, to keep our skin game up ladies! Gotta protect our assets!
Serums are rich in antioxidants, active botanicals and vitamins which sink deep into your pores and address your specific skin concern depending on which serum you choose.
Our Serum contain potent active ingredients including aloe vera, pineapple enzymes and aspen bark just to name a few. These superstar ingredients help to tighten, brighten and hydrate your skin.
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Serums help heal and clear our skin thanks to active ingredients

Let me touch on this myth about oils produce more oils. This is not the case ladies and a serum could be what your oily skin is missing to help clear it up! Fact is you can have oily skin and your skin is dehydrated. Remember dehydrated skin is suffering for moisture NOT oil. When you suffer from oily skin, you have to provide your skin with moisture to help keep you from over-producing oil. And since serums are loaded with active ingredients and antioxidants, it will help and repair your skin from breakouts.
Try our Clarifying Serum it is  100% natural and aids in clearing the skin of unsightly blemishes, and the inflamed appearance that can accompany problematic skin.  Plant based hydrators keep the skin in optimal condition to avoid rebound concerns from over drying skin.  Also the perfect choice for spot treatment where the powerful actives will quickly get to the heart of the problem.

How to apply a serum

Now that you know how a serum can benefit you, no matter your skin type, I know you can't wait to try one!
Follow this routine to truly get the most out of your serum:
Always Cleanse First
Serums works best when applied to fresh clean skin.
A serum works best when applied to a clean skin.  Also be sure to use warm water never hot water to cleanse your skin
Tone your skin
Serum will permeate the skin better when used on slightly dampen skin. Try misting your face lightly with one of our toners
Pat Into Your Skin
When applying your serum be gentle. You only needs a  few drops to the palm of your hand,  lightly pat or very gently massage into the skin, don’t rub it in as this simply moves the product off your skin.
Follow Up With A  Facial Oil and Moisturizer
To seal in the moisture apply your facial oil then moisturizer.  If using at night, and you have a bit more time, you might try giving your serum a few extra minutes to absorb and then moisturize.
So that sums it up girlies! Don't shy away from a serum because of price or bottle size. Remember, you only need a few drops and a bottle will last at least 3 months or more! The end result is well worth the investment in my opinion. Go on, give a serum a try! I promise you will never go without one in your skincare regimen again.
Til next time!