6 Skin Survival Tips for Transitioning into the Fall Season

by admin on Sep 18, 2017

6 Skin Survival Tips for Transitioning into the Fall Season

During the summer months, we are able to get away with our basic 3 step skincare routine. As the weather, and environment around you starts to change, so does your skin's needs. For most, during those hot months we are battling to keep our oily skin under control and keeping those breakouts at bay.  As we approach the fall and winter months, we now have to contend with dry, less humid and harsh climate conditions which opens a host of other skin issues like dry, dull, flaky skin.

Below are a few tips to help keep that summer glow that we worked so hard to achieve during those summer months.

1. Humidifiers

Humidifiers are great to have in your bedroom at night. As the weather changes, the dry air is sucking the moisture out of your skin while you are sleeping. This step will help your skin remain supple and hydrated when you wake up.

2. Cleansing Oils

I truly love LOVE using cleansing oils and cleansing balm during the colder months.  Before I found out about the oil cleansing method, I suffered from extremely dry skin during the winter months. Once I started incorporating cleansing oils into my regimen, I saw an immediate difference. The best part is that any skin type can benefit from using cleansing oils or balms! They will leave your skin feeling uber soft and hydrated, just what our skin needs in the upcoming months.

3. Exfoliate

Our skin has taken a beating during those summer months with it's due amount of chlorine, sunshine and saltwater. Exfoliation is truly key all year round however,  it's one season we do not want to skip on exfoliating and that is during these upcoming colder months. Through exfoliation, moisturizers and other products that your winter skin may need will be much more effective, as they’ll be able to reach the active, underlying skin layers.

4. Don't neglect the SPF

Even though summer has come to an end, your SPF should be here to stay. Skin-damaging UV rays are present during all seasons. UV-A rays, which are the rays that cause most aging concerns, have the ability to penetrate clouds and glass, making them a year-around environmental aggressor. Even though we aren't spending excessive time in the sun, your daily commute, your beautiful office window, and your afternoon walk will expose your skin to potential UV damage, even when it is overcast.


5. Use a Serum

Serums are your battle axe in your fall/winter skincare. They are loaded with high concentrated ingredients that will nourish the inner layers of your skin. When used properly in conjunction with your moisturizer, serums will enhance skin tone, resulting in a more radiant and youthful appearance.

6. Power-Up

Incorporating a intense moisturizer along with your facial oil during these upcoming extreme drying months is another great way to battle against these dry months ahead.  I use my night treatment moisturizer loaded with AHAs and antioxidants that help with cellular turnover, keeping my skin renewed,hydrated and subtle.

There you have it ladies, following these few tips will most definitely have you prepared and ready for your fall skin care routine.
Stay blessed!