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Dermatologists Reveal the Skin Benefits of Coconut Milk

You may be familiar with extra virgin coconut oil–the highly esteemed natural substance used for Ayurveda practices, healthy cooking, skin moisturization, and more. In fact, it
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Hyperpigmentation in Dark Skin – Answering Your Questions

Are you familiar with hyperpigmentation? It’s that dark spot that simply won’t go away even after a pimple heals. Hyperpigmentation is when some parts of your
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2 Skincare Products to Avoid for Melanin Skin

It is widely known that different skin types should be addressed with specific products made for that particular skin type. For example, an individual with oily

Help! How Do I Get Rid of Dark Spots?

Everyone is told to embrace their flaws and live with what they’ve got. But despite that, it can be frustrating to endure skin blemishes that you

Skincare Essentials You Must Have During Summer Time

Skincare is significantly important to any skin color. Whether you have black, fair, or tan skin, you need to have a skincare regimen that can make
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4 Common Skin Conditions African Americans Experience

When it comes to skincare, we have to take into account the specific needs of our skin. From skin type to the color of our skin,

Why Organic Raw Honey Is the Skincare Ingredient You Need Right Now

Skincare for black women is a little complicated, mainly because up until recently there were very few skincare lines that are made especially for dark skin.
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5 Incredible Benefits of Exfoliating Your Skin

Moisturizing your skin has always gotten the spotlight as one of the most crucial skincare steps to practice. However, exfoliating plays a crucial part in getting
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Black Skincare 101: 4 Beauty Tips for a Healthy Skin

Since not all skin types are the same, beauty enthusiasts tend to try a wide range of items until they find some that best suit their

Everything You Should Know about Turmeric

From generation to generation, we’ve discovered turmeric as a powerful and beneficial natural substance. This bright, yellow-orange spice has become widely known for its healing properties
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Understanding Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA): Why Do I Need It?

When was the last time you read the labels on the back of a skincare product? Have you bought an item solely because of the ingredients?
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Skincare for Black and Brown Beauties: What to Know

People with darker skin tones are known to deal with the most challenging forms of skin issues. This includes skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and so on.
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Achieving Confidence through Healthy Skin

Talking about confidence can be rather heavy, especially since most people struggle with keeping theirs intact. It’s easy to see in other people, making it one

3 Important Reasons to Choose Vegan Perfume in 2021

When people hear the word vegan, they often think about people only healthy and nutritious plant-based foods. Eating these types of meals is the foundation of

4 Reasons You Need to Moisturize Especially During Summer

The streets no longer look like a winter wonderland, and the heat is starting to beat down on our backs, which means it’s time to put
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Understanding Skin Color and Skin Care – What to Know

People have different shades of skin because of the amount and types of melanin their skin produces. People with darker skin are often found living closer

Here’s Why You Need Serums in Your Skincare Routine

Skincare for black women used to be an uphill battle. Most brands had products formulated for people with lighter skin. Today, though, things are changing, but
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The Connection between pH Level and Your Skin Condition

The pH level is a common term thrown around when talking about the skin because of how it contributes to the skin’s most significant role. The
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Dark Spots on Black Skin: Best Ways to Get Rid Of Them

Dark spots in bodies are prominent with people who have black skin. These spots can show up anywhere in their body — from their face to
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A Guide to Beating Acne Breakouts for Women with Darker Skin Tones

Black skin can react differently to acne than those of a lighter skin tone. For one, when acne starts to clear up, it leaves discoloration in
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Black Skincare: A Few Tips for Healthy and Hydrated Skin

Skincare isn’t rocket science. Taking care of your skin has to be simple yet effective; effortless, yet thoughtful. Healthy skin is hydrated, moisturized, and free from
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Black Girl Magic: How to Maintain Healthy, Glowing Skin

 One of the greatest advantages of having dark skin is the high concentration of melanin, offering natural protection against visible signs of UV damage. Darker skin

Vegan Skin Care: What Awesome Benefits Can You Get?

With the continuous search for safe and effective skin care, countless products are introduced, claiming to provide awesome benefits. From famous brands to budding beauty companies,

Our Ultimate Guide to Black Skincare: Hot Tips You Should Know

One of the best ways to have better skin is by first understanding that everyone’s skin is different, which means you should have a tailored beauty
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Breakouts with No Consequences: 3 Ways to Prevent Acne Scarring

Clear, supple, and “glass” skin is a beauty trend that has been coveted by men and women worldwide but achieving this picture-perfect, natural-looking glow has always

Good Grief! How Many Steps Do I Really Need?

Lordt have mercy… it seems like a trillion at times but this is a very valid question. It’s one I get quite often and it tends

Is My Skin Dry or Dehydrated? Help!

I’m not going to lie. It took a minute for me to truly know how to recognize the difference for my skin.  You can easily get

Marla Rene’s InkyNade

Okay I know you’re like… What in the world is InkyNade? Well it is the most refreshingly energizing beverage I’ve found in a while. Simply put,

6 Ways To Get Your Glow On

Oxygen…Oxygen….Oxygen! I know we need it to…well…live. But, your skin needs it too! Lack luster skin, dark circles, dullness and discoloration are all signs of lack

Lord Help My Pores Please!!

I know those doggone pores can be the bain of your existence especially when they become congested with gunk that not only causes breakouts but stretches


OMG…why now? You make it through those teen years and think you’re home free except for the occassional hormonal pop up only to find that you’re

Face Yoga…Girl Who Knew?!?

Ok now, you know we’re on a mission to getting your skin on point from the inside out. I was putting together a few at home

10 Most Common Workout Mistakes!

Let’s set you up for success in this fitness journey shall we? I’ve been on this journey for a while and pretty much am guilty of