Triple Butter Body Butter


With its indulgent, creamy texture, this ultra-rich body butter is your skin's savior. Mango, Shea and Cocoa rich in vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, are whipped to buttery perfection, allowing it to mel instantly leaving the skin nourish, hydrated and soften for a velvety feel that lasts all day long.


Scents: Coco Beach
Coco Beach
Lemon Marshmallow Whip
Candied Sugar
Champagne Wishes
Floral Smoke
Boho Moon
What Makes It Special

Shea butter: An excellent moisturizer for the skin. It conditions and softens, as well as moisturizes dry, cracked and parched skin, leaving your body radiant with a natural glow. It provides elasticity to the skin and keeps it in shape by keeping your tissues nourished with proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Mango Butter: A luxurious and creamy fat that is rich in vitamins A and E, lauric acid and Vitamin D. This helps to encourage the skin to produce new, healthy skin cells, improving the skin's texture and elasticity.

Argan Oil: Has an abundance of vitamin E, that can help improve water retention in the skin. Argan oil rejuvenates skin by slowing down the aging process, preventing wrinkles and fine lines while omega 6 fatty acids help increase elasticity for more youthful looking skin.

Safflower Oil: Offers both occlusive [meaning it forms a seal over the skin] and emollient [nourishing] properties that create a moisture barrier on the skin as well as absorbing into the skin to deliver essential fatty acids and nutrients that provide moisture and hydration

Scent Profiles

Candied Sugar: A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks.

Dulce: A sweet & sexy blend of red velvet crème and golden plum laced with a swirl of sugared musk, pink jasmine and wild strawberries.

Champagne Wishes - Warm the heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies & almond crème. Top Notes of Sparkling Champagne, Twinkling Star Fruit, Golden Quince, Middle Notes of Peonies, Freesia and bottom notes of Amber, Almond Crème, Sugared Sandalwood an Velvet Musk.

Floral Smoke: Powdery, Floral, somewhat earthy and fruity. This scent is unique and addictive

Lemon Marshmallow Whip: Totally delightful! Freshly squeezed from the Meyer lemon orchard, a fabulous sweet citrus zing and a hint of Poppy seed. A zest of wow and a twist of delight.

Coco Beach: Top Notes: Beach Coconut, Oahu Dragonfruit, Saltwater Breeze. Middle Notes of Passion flower, frangipani and jasmine. Bottom notes of Sandalwood, musk and hints of sun bleached woods.

Boho Moon: This floral fruity fragrance has a blend of green apple, nectarine, raspberry, litchi, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, and coconut nectar.

How to Use

Apply to your entire body after bathing, when pores are more likely to absorb moisture.


Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Mango Butter, Emulsifying Wax, Cocoa Butter, Argan Oil, Safflower Oik, Shea Butter, Aloe Powder, Cetyl Alcohol, Propanediol, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid, Phthalate free fragrance oil

Customer Reviews

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Joi J.


Diana Howell
Body Butter is so creamy and smooth moisturize your skin …

Body Butter is so creamy and smooth moisturize your skin and smell wonderful

Joy P.


Anitra W.
I am in love with this product...the smell and the …

I am in love with this product...the smell and the way it makes my skin feels is one of a kind!

Lynnette R.
The body butters will have your skin soft and smooth …

The body butters will have your skin soft and smooth without leaving it feeling greasy.