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New Holiday Gift sets


Brighten Set

Summer is long gone but that's no reason why you

can't keep that summer glow all year round!  Our NEW

Daisy Blossom Serum will glide on smoothly and is power packed with plant actives to help boost skin tone and texture. Pair this with our ever popular

Lumi Facial Oil and Oxygen Mask providing cellular turnover with natural AHAs. Finally, gently exfoliate your way to reveal a younger, brighter complexion with jojoba beads, turmeric powder and raw honey with our NEW Spice Honey Scrub.   More radiant skin is yours!!

Each set comes with:

NEW UNRELEASED Daisy Blossom Serum 7ml

Bestseller Lumi Facial Oil 8ml

NEW Spiced Honey Facial Scrub 1oz

Bestseller Blueberry + Cranberry Oxygen Mask .5oz

Retail: $50

Blemish Set 

What girl doesn't need an armed and ready arsenal to battle those onsets

of blemishes! Cuz you know, they always appear when you have something

extra special plans...right? Now stay ahead of the game with top acne 

fighting  bundle! 

Each set comes with:

NEW UNRELEASED White Willow Blemish Solution 10ml

Azul  Facial Oil 8ml

Clarifying Serum 7ml

NEW Spiced Honey Facial Scrub 1oz

Retail: $41

Complexion Set 

Finally a  safe solution to banish those unwanted dark spots that are constantly a reminder of those unsightly pimples that used to reside there.  This set is

stacked with THREE NEW UNRELEASED products that are soon to be released in the new year! The NEW Daisy Blossom Serum will glide on smoothly and is power packed with plant actives to help boost skin tone and texture.

Tag team with the NEW Daisy Blossom Moisturizer  and NEW Songyi facial oil formulated to lighten those dark spots without creating that, unattractive lighter area around the old spot. leaving the skin brighter, lighter, and more even toned.  Don't pass up your opportunity to get ahead start on transforming your complexion!

Each set comes with:

NEW UNRELEASED Daisy Blossom Serum 7ml

NEW UNRELEASED Daisy Blossom Moisturizer .5oz

NEW UNRELEASED Songyi Night Spot Treatment 8ml

NEW Spiced Honey Facial Scrub 1oz

Retail: $79

Hydration Set 

Combat these upcoming harsh months and stop dry skin on before it starts!

Steam away all those environmental stressors with our NEW botanical facial steam while loosening clogged pores making way for our Tahitian Sea Facial Mist. Your skin will be in heaven the moment this refreshing mist lands softly on your face. Tahitian Sea water is rich in minerals that detoxify and rejuvenates the skin while the hyaluronic acid delivers uncompelling moisture leaving you with plump, dewy skin. And the best for last, our NEW facial oil Muse ready to deliver concentrated moisture! Formulated with Rosehip oil, Camellia Seed Oil and Squalane Oil your skin will bask in pure glory!

Each set comes with:

NEW UNRELEASED Muse Beauty Oil 8ml

Tahitian Sea Facial Mist 1oz

NEW UNRELEASED Ylang Vanilla Botanical Facial Steam 2oz

Tahitian Vanilla Lip Conditioner 10ml

Retails: $47.50

Holiday Exclusive Luxe Bath Set 

This exclusive luxe bath set is only available this month for the holidays!

What makes this set so special? Enjoy a 1 oz perfume and perfume oil that are only available in this holiday set. This set would not be complete without our hydrating body wash, moisture rich body oil and our NEW body scrub! Available two scents Coco Vanilla and Candied Sugar. There nothing like "me" time and this luxurious bath set is the perfect addition to create that spa like experience. 

Each set comes with: 

Body wash 9oz

Hydrating Body Oil 4oz

Body Scrub 4oz

Perfume 1oz

Perfume oil 10ml

Retails: $82.25

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ONLY $10