Each month a specific cancer fight is highlighted and 15% of each product sold will be donated to a community based organization dedicated to that fight.
for tita body oilA
for tita body scrubA
This luxurious body oil and body scrub will have your skin soft as silk and abundantly hydrated . Our formula is designed to absorb quickly moisturizing deeply without leaving you feeling greasy. The soft delightful top note of coconut gives way to light warm vanilla and rounds off to just a faint hint of floral. If you knew Tita, you’d know, this was her to a tee.
So, whether for yourself or as a gift, each statement option is scented the same. Choose the one that will serve as a reminder of why we can not get weary in this fight.
Shero –  In the face of danger, she combats adversity through feats of ingenuity, bravery or strength, often sacrificing her own personal concerns for a greater good.
Survivor – Through all the trials and tribulations, anger and the tears the overcomer emerged!
Hope – It’s the optimistic attitude and expectancy of a positive outcome that rules their world!
Strength – Whether physical or emotional there is a surging life force that’s unexplainable that drives their desire to be steadfast, focused and unyielding.
Warrior – Despite the struggle or conflict they charge into the battle with heart and conviction.
FU – When “I hate cancer” just doesn’t quite express it.
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