Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 5.5 in
How To Use

Pump approximately a dime size amount into dry palm. Gently apply to face. Slowly incorporate small amounts of water as you gently massage, cleansing the face. Rinse with clean warm water. Mask: Apply a fine layer of honey cleanser to dry skin and leave for a 5-10 minutes, wash off with warm water for a glowing complexion. Gentle Exfoliant: Massage a fine layer to target area(s) and rinse with clean warm water.


Mel (Honey), Glycerin, Coco-glucoside, glyceryl oleate, Organic Tumeric Powder, Tumeric Extract, Camu Camu Extract, Licorice Root, Lemon Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract

31 reviews for Turmeric and Honey Cleanser

Based on 31 reviews
  1. Gloria D. (verified owner)

    As always this cleanser does not disappoint. No matter how many other ones I try, this has always been my go to. Great as a cleanser and also an amazing mask. You can’t go wrong with one.

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  2. Sandie (verified owner)

    I’m in love with this cleanser. It leaves my skin smooth and feeling young. I will continue to use this product.

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  3. Courtney (verified owner)

    Love love this product I wish it came on a body scrub

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  4. Sandie (verified owner)

    The cleanser leaves my skin feeling silky clean and over time it had cleared my acne and dark spots. Will continue to use as long as it’s available.

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  5. Kimberly L. (verified owner)

    I initially bought it to support a Black owned and Black woman owned business and for a gentle facial cleanser. I didn’t know it would change my LIFE. In less than 30 days I noticed the acne and hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone that I’ve had for years were COMPLETELY GONE. And I wasn’t even using it according to the directions! lol. So, I now follow the directions! The improvement was so subtle because I wasn’t expecting it and one day I noticed my skin was suddenly clear…like radiant…and glowing…and just beautiful… I LOVE this product and I’m buying it as gifts for friends and family.

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  6. Akhila (verified owner)

    My face feels so clean after! It also doesn’t feel overly dry.

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  7. Tania Garrett (verified owner)

    I love the cleanser but the pump didn’t work due. The tubing was damaged.

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    • Marla Rene Customer Satisfaction Team (store manager)

      Hi Tania,
      We’re sorry your pump was damaged. A new one is on the way! Thank you for your support.

  8. Deborah Scott (verified owner)

    It makes your face feel clean, but the smell is a little unpleasant.

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  9. Lucinda (verified owner)

    This is a great cleanser but is a little messier than the previous honey-only one! I love how it makes my skin feel!

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  10. Alicia Locure (verified owner)

    I really love the smell. At least once a week I will apply as a mask and let it sit for about an hour! A must have, can never go wrong with honey and turmeric

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  11. Shana A. (verified owner)

    I’m loving the Turmeric & Honey Cleanser. I’ve only been using it a couple weeks but, I could feel the difference with the first wash. My face isn’t red and burning like with other organic cleansers I’ve used. I was initially startled by the lack of suds however, bubble action does not equal clean. No more dry cheeks. Keep up the good work!

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  12. Veleka (verified owner)

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  13. Miesha S. (verified owner)

    Purchased this for my friend, who loves this line, and says that her skin is much brighter, and smoother!

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  14. Daurisa c. (verified owner)

    This is a must have in my routine having sensitive skin, this product leaves my skin clean, refreshed and ready for anything 🥰

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  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love the lather & my skin has been looking brighter after every use.

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  16. Lynnette R. (verified owner)

    I just love this stuff! My face always feels soft and moisturized after using the Turmeric and Honey cleanser. I couldn’t be happier with this product.

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  17. Tasha R. (verified owner)

    My face feels so clean and soft after applying cleanser and I also have a glow.

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  18. Lynnette R. (verified owner)

    I have been using the Turmeric and Honey Cleanser for a few months now and my skin loves it. It lightens and brightens my skin to even out the dark spots. This is a must have facial cleanser.

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  19. Shaurisa (verified owner)

    This cleanser lathers way better than the raw honey so you really don’t need a lot. Overall my face has a natural glow and my skin feels so soft.

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  20. Symphonie Smith (verified owner)

    The Tumeric Honey Cleanser definitely leaves my face soft and moisturized and it seems to look better (healthier and brighter) after every use! I am not exactly sure how it compares to the Raw Honey cleanser (they’re both great) as far as helping my acne prone skin and dark spots as I have not been able to be consistent enough to compare the two. Nonetheless, I see results every time!

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  21. Symphonie Smith (verified owner)

    The Tumeric Honey Cleanser definitely leaves my face soft and moisturized and it seems to look better (healthier and brighter) after every use!

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  22. Zeraka (verified owner)

    I’ve only been using for about a week, but so far so good! My dark spots have visibly lightened and my tone is on it’s way back to being even and balanced!

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  23. deede1977 (verified owner)

    I’ve found my ish this cleanser works so well my sling is brightened and oh so clean 🧼 my skin feels so soft and moisturized. I am a happy camper

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  24. Lynnette R. (verified owner)

    The Tumeric Honey Cleanser brightens my face without chemicals as well as leaves it feeling smooth and soft. This is one of my favorites.

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  25. Gloria D. (verified owner)

    I am a honey cleanser fan since day one however, with the addition of the turmeric takes it to another level. My skin looks brighter and is softer. The dry patches are gone and I look forward to my dark areas fading even more. I can already see a difference. Great product.

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  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I can go on and on about this product because it’s wonderful. I usually apply to a dry face and just let it sit on there for at least 15 minutes. The tumeric works wonders on my skin and the honey is perfection.

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  27. laurenfoster529 (verified owner)

    I’m in love

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  28. Cynthia Stuart (verified owner)

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  29. Lynnette R. (verified owner)

    I have been using the Turmeric and Honey Cleanser for about a week now and my skin is so soft and brighter without bleaching it. It is a very good cleanser without stripping the oil out of my face.

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  30. Alisha Foster (verified owner)

    Love the smell and mild exfoliation from the turmeric. I genuinely feel like my acne scars are fading.

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  31. Harvecia (verified owner)

    Love the way the Turmeric and Honey Cleanser feels! Gradually fades hyperpigmentation!

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